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Overview of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic techniques fit into 3 basic models based on the three body systems primarily addressed by chiropractors. Chiropractic intimately involves itself with the skeletal system, the muscle system, and the nervous system. Therefore, while all chiropractic techniques involve all three systems, the techniques themselves can be differentiated from one another based on their method of assessment and their method of correction.

Segmental or skeletal system centered chiropractic techniques adjust vertebrae that are not in their optimum position back to a more normal position and, in so doing, affect the nervous system first and then the muscle system next.

Postural or muscle system centered chiropractic techniques first involve putting tension or relaxation within the muscle system in order to allow an easier structural adjustment to take place. In so doing, this approach involves the muscle system first which then affects the skeletal system and then, finally, the nervous system.

Tonal or nervous system centered chiropractic techniques are not muscle or bone based but rather focus on the nervous system and the related changes in a person’s physiology. As such, tonal chiropractic techniques look at the nervous system first and the doctor’s input into the nervous system then affects the muscle system which, in turn, affects the skeletal system.

For us, it makes more sense to address the nervous system first so all else can follow.


InSight Technology is the cornerstone of our office. It allows us to dive deeper into the body to detect stress on the nervous system and learn how it is affecting your overall health. The technology is comprised of three different scans.



How do you know if tonal is right for you?

  • You are looking for extremely gently, effective chiropractic care (no twisting, popping or cracking)
  • You have chronic health challenges
  • Your deal with a great amount of stress
  • You are looking for an alternative to your current health care model
  • You want to maximize you and your family’s health and well-being
  • Your health is important to you




Measures the tone of muscles along the entire spine, accurately and reliably which allows us to see where muscles are tense.


Thermograph detects stress on Autonomic Nervous System which enables us to determine what organs may be affected and the severity of stress.


Scans heart rate, temperature, and anxiety simultaneously, to measure your body’s capacity to handle everyday stress.