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“Being a competitive powerlifter it is important to keep my body healthy and functioning as efficiently as possible. Receiving regular adjustments and being under the care of Dr. Brittany, I have noticed improved range of motion, better flexibility and improved athletic performance overall”.


When I was a toddler, I had osteomyelitis and discitis in my lower back, and was told to expect issues with it from then on. Chiropractic care has shown me that you don’t have live life in chronic pain. It has helped me decrease pain, both acute and chronic. While under care, I began to see other positive changes in my life. I began to see my allergies improve significantly. Growing up I always had allergy issues to the point that people thought I had whooping cough, even while taking medication. I am now med free and only have infrequent seasonal flare-ups that are nothing like what I had as a child. I have also notice that chiropractic allows me to recover more quickly after workouts. In addition it has helped with anxiety, coping with life stressors, as well as being more in tune with my body.



Courtney (Coco) has Angelman Syndrome and when she was younger her mom took her down the traditional medical route. Coco suffered from seizures, anxiety, sleep issues, decreased immune system and scoliosis. When Courtney was in 8th grade, Courtney had spinal surgery where they fused multiple levels of her spine together. As Courtney got older she experienced tremors to the point where she could barely walk in the morning. A few years later, Coco was brought to a Chiropractor and it has changed their entire family’s life. Since being under regular chiropractic care, Coco’s tremors, anxiety, and seizures have decreased, her immune system has skyrocketed, and she is completely medication FREE! Now she is thriving and not merely surviving. 

Cathy (Courtney's mother)

My experience at Free to Soar with Dr. Brittany has been such a wonderful journey!  She is incredibly knowledgeable and always knows exactly how to help my body reconnect.  It is so gentle and I always leave feeling better than I came.  I’ve been sleeping better than I have in a very long time!